Crisis-BXL: Explanation

  • For children from 0 till 18, with a special focus towards adulthood.
  • Living or resident within the Brussels Capital Region
  • In case of an urgent situation, witch contains a risk of getting worse, which justificies a special, fast intervention (Although not life-treating)
  • Available 24/7;
  • Explores the issue together with a professional;
  • Informs the professional about the way the crisisnetwork functions
  • A traject can be started if the children & younsters, parents and/or caretakers agree to discuss the issues.

  • Aid:

  • Consult by phone (for example advising the professional);

  • Crisisintervention:
      - On the spot or at home;
      - Exloring the ciris:
      - brief, but intensive aid (max. 3 days),
      - garanteeing the security.

  • Installing a crisisguidance or shelter via a partner:
      - Crisisguidance: intensive mobile guidance specific to the needs (max. 28 days)
      - Crisisshelter (max.7 days).

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